Hey! Hi! Hello! 

I have had so many of these posts started, sketched, dreamed and haven't actually hit that "publish" button on any of them. Until now. 

I'm not much into New Year’s Resolutions (mostly because I never follow through on them), but going into this new year I wanted to give myself a fun and creative challenge - and actually stick to it! I've never done a Make 9 before, but have seen other makers do it and so this year I'm giving it a go! 

For those of you who don't know what Make 9 is, it's a personal challenge where you choose 9 things you'd like to create or make within one year. I went through the #MAKENINE on Instagram, and came across so many gorgeous collections that people were making. There were a few that truly inspired me and with their permission, I've added them here to help spur on this creative journey!

Allee Dew is so cute, guys! I love her style and I can't wait to see all of these pieces come to life this year. I also love that she sketched out each piece with the fabric and colors she wants to use for each project. Truly inspiring for the sewing projects I would like to tackle this year. Feel free to follow along with her progress @alleedew_sews on Instagram!

The colour work and the intricate details of each of these knit pieces is what had me drooling over this Make 9 collection from Whistle & Thread. I have seen so many people make the Soldotna Crop (the sweater right in the middle of this grid) by Boyland Knit Works and I was intimidated by it because of the colour work and detailing, but after seeing this one, I am surrendering to the challenge and will be making my very own this year. I promise! You can follow her on Instagram at @whistleandthread.

There are a few things that have spurred this idea along... 

Firstly, I have been going non-stop with Louis&Jane for the last three and a half years. It's been so great, and I love producing knitwear and accessories to sell. This year I want to slow things down a bit and enjoy the process of knitting, crocheting, and making even more - and with intention. 

Secondly, I have SO MUCH amazing yarn in my stash. Some, I've been hoarding for years waiting for that perfect project. Most of it you wouldn't even see in my Instagram feed or stories because it's been hidden away in baskets from the cats. This year, I will actually use some of it.  

Thirdly, I want to start this and invite you along with me. There is no catch. There is no competition. This is purely fun and self-motivated! Whether you're a seasoned maker, or not, you can do this! The Make 9 challenge has typically been completed by knitters, crocheters and sewers, but I want to invite anyone who wants to join in! Do you have a creative hobby? Do you paint, illustrate, sew, write, garden, etc? If so, then you can do this! If you do not consider yourself a maker, but want to, then this would be the perfect way to get your feet wet and try something new! 

There are no rules for the Make 9. To spice things up a bit, I have come up with some creative challenges I want to meet, so decided to give myself some loose guidelines for each project: 

1. Something I've never tried before 

2. Something in a new colour, or a colour I wouldn't naturally gravitate towards 

3. Something for FUN 

4. A Stash Buster - Something made entirely from yarn/things I already own  

5. Something for someone else 

6. Something I've started and haven't finished yet (I have a few forever projects to choose from here!) 

7. A sweater 

8. Something with colour work

9. Something that is made using recycled/upcycled materials 

Like I mentioned earlier, these are loose guidelines I want to follow - that doesn't mean they won't change, and by all means, I won't be completing these in order. 

Here's my carefully selected Make 9! I'll be explaining each project in future posts, but I wanted to give you a visual as to what I want to work on throughout this next year.  

I am so excited to begin this, and would LOVE it if you followed along with me. Please join in on the creative fun! Use #LJMAKENINE and #MAKEINE2020 on Instagram so we can see what each other is up to throughout the year!